(by Syracuse University professor of Entrepreneurship Johan Wiklund as heard on “The Faster Than Normal” podcast.)

Dr. Wiklund says people with ADHD are often well-suited for entrepreneurship but highlights three essentials to have in place:

1. Outsource the things that weigh you down. What are the things that you dread doing? …the things that zap all your energy, because you are too busy thinking about how you can avoid them. Outsource these areas and allow someone who DOES enjoy these activities to lighten your load!

2. Enlist someone to help you build structure in your daily activities. Given our daily task loads, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Making your physical and mental health a priority allows you to excel in all areas of life—without becoming overwhelmed. Allowing someone to help structure your daily activities can provide a fresh, objective perspective that we often don’t consider.

3. Self-care! Self care is a MUST. Spending time in meditation or exercising can help center our focus and allow us to focus on the things that require the most energy. This is especially important for those with ADHD.

For more helpful tips, check out the Faster Than Normal podcast: