Individual and Group Coaching services for individuals with ADHD and/or executive function challenges, as well as the people who support them. 

All of Patty’s clients are coached over video conference or phone. It is extremely convenient for the client because there is no commute! You can chose the location where you have the privacy you want and are most relaxed. 

No commute necessary- you can change your life in a 3-piece suit or your PJs! 


Focused on growing awareness of ADHD and identifying where additional structure and skills are needed to better support the entire family.


Individual and Groups, specifically for Adults and Entrepreneurs.


 Specifically for college students.

Parent Coaching

Raising kiddos with ADHD requires more time, effort, focus and energy. How do I know? Because I am a parent of children (yes, plural) with ADHD. I am also a parent with ADHD. As Michael Scott on The Office would say, “Double jeopardy, we’re fine!” …NOT! 😉

Since ADHD is shown to run in families, it is not unusual for both parent and child to be impacted. It does, however, present unique challenges for these families that often aren’t present when the parents are not impacted by ADHD.

A few years ago I was at the pediatrician’s office with 2 of my 4 children. Both of them have ADHD and I was having a hard time reigning in their energy in the waiting room. They were both bored and, outside of a few books and some magazines, there wasn’t anything for them to do. I could feel the stares from the other parents and heard their judgements in my head (i.e.: “Why don’t you make your children settle down?” and “I would never tolerate my children behaving that way!” etc.). I immediately went into overwhelm myself and could not think of what I could do differently. There was another parent in the waiting room with not 2- but 3 children. They were roughly the same age as my kids. All 3 of her kids were sitting along the wall quietly reading books. The… Entire… Time! I felt so inadequate. No, that isn’t it. The truth is, I felt like a failure as a parent.

When I think back to that point in my parenting, I realize that my closest friends were, and to this day continue to be, people who need to “clock in” to parent their children. My parenting “peeps” are moms and dads who covet their sleep because they know they need all their energy to show up, clock in, and parent their child/ren the next day. Parents who can “phone it in” (aka- the mom of 3 bibliophiles at the pediatrician’s office) do not easily understand the challenges of raising kiddos with ADHD, and therefore, can be quicker to judge my parenting skills (or lack thereof).

Parent coaching offers a safe space to celebrate your wins while reframing and tweaking your “parent fails”. My job as your coach is to help you see patterns that are working- and those that aren’t in order to readjust your course. If you have a child with ADHD- aged 5 to 45- give parent coaching a try.

When parenting kiddos with ADHD, we often feel like we are failing (or failing a lot more than other parents are). Parent coaching isn’t a quick fix- but it is a place to catch your breath, regroup and be heard by someone who genuinely gets it. If you identify with needing to “clock in” as a parent and it is draining your energy, let’s work together and generate some excitement around parenting your kiddos with ADHD.

Why Parent Coaching with Patty?

  • Establish strategies, systems and routines to build executive function skills;
  • Incorporate what you are learning about ADHD and how it shows up uniquely for your child to better support the whole family;
  • Create a toolkit to manage ADHD challenges and promote your child’s best self;
  • Grow your awareness of the support your child needs and how to communicate that with teachers, schools and other professionals working with your child;
  • Identify both the parent and child’s strengths and incorporate them into strategies;
  • If, as a parent, you are impacted by ADHD, I support you to manage your own ADHD challenges so you can be more effective in your parenting role;
  • Capture what you work on in coaching in your Parent POM (Personal Owner’s Manual for parents);
  • Because you deserve to work with a professionally trained and credentialed ADHD coach who knows how to support children and families impacted by ADHD and Executive Function weaknesses.

“You changed my life as a parent of a child with ADHD. This has been a phenomenal experience for me. I have been transformed in so many ways. I realized (through the coaching) that I needed to do as much work as my son, if not more!”
C.N., NC

Adults/Entrepreneurs/Business Coaching

Time management, planning and prioritizing, task initiation and goal-directed persistence are just a few of the executive function skills that are often impacted by ADHD. Whether you are working for a company/organization or you have your own business, ADHD can negatively impact your ability to succeed. Work with Patty to capitalize on your strengths and create structure to support your weaker areas.

    “I know we just hung up but I had to tell you that you REALLY helped me to be enlightened tonight!!!! I am FINALLY seeing some pieces come together that explain so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

    “I know I’ve said this before, but I meant it then and I mean it now–you REALLY helped me to see the obstacles in front of me and helped me to understand them and where they were coming from, which helps me to find a way to deal with them. You have helped me more than any doctor or counselor I’ve seen in the last 3 years- THANK YOU for that Patty.”

    Student Coaching

    Patty works with college and graduate students. For college students, parents are encouraged to participate during one session each month.

    “I used to think my brain was the laziest part of my body. Now I know it is my super power!”
    –L.R. (College Student)

    “When I called Patty for a consultation in early 2014, I felt an instant connection and knew she understood my son’s situation. Once the sessions started, my son began to show improvement in so many ways. Patty’s ability to get into my son’s brain and introduce concepts, skills and tools he could use proves that with the right person, great strides can be made… I firmly believe that working with Patty helped my son to open up parts of himself that were locked away. We could not have asked for a better ADHD coach than Patty.”
    –K.G. (Parent of high school student)

    COLLEGE STUDENT coaching sessions can include:

    • Learning how and where to set boundaries to protect your time and your energy
    • Social skills coaching
    • Requesting accommodations- and using them

    “A lot of the things I thought I needed to work on weren’t really what I needed to work on! Or rather, they solved themselves once the deeper issues were addressed- and I trust your judgement with identifying what those are based on what you notice during our sessions. It’s been amazingly helpful to have someone working closely with me who understands my personal issues and how they relate to my ADHD. And the fact that you understand ADHD on so many levels and just GET IT!”
    –J.H., NC (College student)


    What clients are saying about Patty:  

    I vacillated between supporting my son too much or not at all.  Our conversations helped me identify when to let him fly and when to prop him up.  We learned to engage with him more in the decision-making and to trust that he knew more than we were giving him credit for.”

     CN- Parent of middle schooler 

    I know we just hung up but I had to tell you that you REALLY helped me to be enlightened tonight!!!!!!  I am FINALLY seeing some pieces come together that explain so much. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.”

    CB, Chicago, IL,- Entrepreneur with ADHD