Adults with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges


• Identify what you want to do and use the group structure to support you in doing it!

• Learn what’s behind the procrastination and discover strategies to overcome it!

• Be part of a group that gets it!

Coming March 5:
ADHD Get ‘er Done Coaching Group
With Patty Blinderman, Professional Certified ADHD Coach

         “ADHD is a disorder of consistency.  We know what to do and we know how to do it… but we struggle to do it.”
~Dr. William Dodson.

Does this sound familiar?  Without support, structure, and, perhaps most importantlyaccountabilitygetting things done is consistently frustrating!

So, it comes down to this: if you are an adult with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges with goals that aren’t being reached the ADHD Get ‘er Done Coaching Group is for you! 

The time is now!  Let’s harness the power of your ADHD and Get ‘er Done!  


  • An adult with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges.
  • Someone who has the talent and ability to do whatever you can imagine, but your ADHD and/or EF challenges are getting in the way, OR they are making it more difficult than it needs to be to get things done.
  • An adult who wants the support of a highly trained and certified ADHD coach.


  • Have lots of lists but struggle to get things crossed off, this group is for you!
  • Have struggled to find a way to get things done that will finally work for you, this group is for you!
  • Know what you need to do and maybe even how to do it, but you still struggle to do it consistently, this group is for you!
  • Are working two (or even three times) as hard as everyone else, but you are not getting as far as they do, this group is for you!

It all comes down to this: the world expects us to get things done, on time, consistently.  With ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges, that is a challenge.


  • You know what you need to do and the consequences for not doing it, but you still aren’t doing it.
  • You make lots of plans, but you don’t complete them.
  • You promise you won’t make the same mistakes next time, but you end up making the same mistakes.
  • You have lots of ideas and love to start new things, but often you don’t finish them.
  • You try lots of new systems, but you don’t stick with them.
  • You have goals that aren’t being reached.
  • You buy groceries but end up throwing out a lot of food.
  • You lose your keys, phone, wallet (fill in the item) and waste a lot of time and energy looking for them.
  • You struggle to find the motivation to do things that need to be done, such as the laundry, dishes, bills, the lawn, a project at work, calling the cable company, make a doctor’s appointment, etc.


  • Structure and accountability to get things done! 
  • The power of an accountability group to get things done.
  • To be part of a group that gets it and supports you, because they have ADHD and/or Executive Functioning challenges, too.
  • To build a habit (doing the dishes, making the bed, getting the laundry done, etc.).
  • To create a plan to get things done and the accountability to support you to follow through with it.  


Patty Blinderman Positive Focus Coach

I’m Patty Blinderman!  I am a wife and mom of four kids.  I have had many jobs over the years including special education teacher, professional organizer, librarian, closet designer, taxi dispatcher, eBay seller, proofreader, children’s birthday party planner, and Tupperware consultant.  This winding path led me to my purpose  working with people impacted by ADHD and executive function deficits. 

Everything I do is aligned with what I know for sure: that each person with ADHD and EF challenges has everything they need to reach their goals, IF they learn how to harness their strengths.

I am a Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC), the only one in the state of North Carolina.  I am uniquely trained and qualified to support you as you identify actions you are committed to taking each week that will bring you closer to reaching your goals. 

Are you ready to get started?


Just imagine…

  • Being part of a group whose purpose is to support you to GET ‘ER DONE!           
  • Having structure in place automatically — just by joining the Get ‘er Done group! 
  •  Meeting twice each week for eight weeks to define actions for the week (on Mondays) and sharing how your plans went (on Fridays).
  • Feeling accountable enough to the group to follow through with your plan without feeling overwhelmed (because we “get it” and aren’t going to judge you if things don’t go as planned). 
  • Being able to talk about what did and didn’t work with your plan to get things done and getting insight from other group members.
  • Being part of a group that gets it and can benefit from your experiences, and vice versa.


In the ADHD Get ‘er Done Coaching Group, you will receive:

  • Sixteen 60-minute group coaching sessions.  Sessions will be held on Mondays and Fridays at 12 p.m. EST  
  • Meeting Dates:
    • March 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30
    • April 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27
  • Structure to identify your weekly action step and coaching around it to support you to Get ‘er Done! 
  • Consistency!  We will meet every Monday and Friday for eight weeks to support your progress towards your goals!
  • Access to a “Secret” Facebook Group with other group members, so you can share your successes and challenges and get support between sessions!
  • Follow-up coaching session within 30 days of the last meeting date.
  • Space is limited to eight participants in order to provide enough time for each member to set goals and share progress.

Investment for this group is only $997.  However, if you register by February 15, the investment is only $797.  That’s less than $50 per session!

On February 16 the investment for the group will be $997.

We’re starting on Monday, March 5, at 12 noon EST.                       

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the ADHD Get ‘er Done Accountability Coaching Group.  Schedule a 20-minute Registration Interview with me to make sure the group is a good fit for your needs. 

“It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” ~unknown.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the ADHD Get ‘er Done Coaching Group!
Schedule a 20-minute Registration Interview with me to make sure the group is a good fit for your needs.