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Mentor Coaching:

Are you looking for a mentor coach to:

  • Meet ADDCA graduation requirements?
  • Work towards ICF ACC or PCC certification?
  • Working towards PAAC CACP or PCAC certification?
  • Meet mentor hour requirements to renew ICF or PAAC certification?

As a PAAC Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC) and an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I am ready to support you in reaching your coaching goals.


Practice Building:

Ready to take launch your coaching business or take it to the next level. Before I started my coaching business I was a serial entrepreneur.  Coaching is the first business I started that wasn’t looking for an exit after the first year.  Every other business I ran I was looking for my “out.”  And, of course I found it!  Since I discovered ADHD coaching in 2012 I have literally found my business “home”.  Coaching has been my playground for over 7 years and I can’t even imagine wanting to retire!  The more my business grows, the more I enjoy what I do.  Let me share my tips, tools and resources to support you to create a coaching practice that taps into your passion and utilizes your strengths.

Why Hire Me as your Mentor Coach?

The reason my business exists is to support individuals and families impacted by ADHD.  I am passionate about doing what I can to support ADHD coaches to have thriving businesses, because I am painfully aware that there aren’t enough well-trained ADHD coaches out there to serve our community.

BUT… having the passion to coach is only one piece.

If you are impacted by ADHD yourself, building systems to support your business will likely not come easily. 

I have navigated the path you are on.  I created the structure and systems necessary to complete my ADHD coach training program, graduate and become professionally certified by both ICF and PAAC. In the process of completing those goals, I built my coaching business from a part-time gig into a thriving full-time practice offering coaching, mentoring, groups and workshops.  Learning how to ask for help- and being willing to outsource what I didn’t love (bookkeeping, web design, social media, admin support, etc.)- was definitely a “secret” to my success.

In 2018 I was invited to train to become an ADDCA faculty member.  Teaching is one of my passions, and another example of how, by creating a business I love, it opened opportunities I only dreamed were possible.  And, my passion for coaching also allows me to give back to the profession that allows me to utilize my passion each and every day.  Since 2017 I have served on the PAAC board of directors.

Each and every day I get to “play” in my business is fun.  If my story resonates with you, let’s talk!