Individual coaching for:

  • Adults
  • Parents
  • Students   

Group coaching offered for:

  • Adults, Parents and Coaches

Patty, I know I’ve said this before, but I meant it then and mean it now–you REALLY helped me to see the obstacles in front of me and helped me to understand them and where they’re coming from, which helps me to find a way to deal.  You have helped me more than any doctor or counselor I’ve seen in the last 3 years. THANK YOU for that Patty.
Adult with ADHD



Individual and Group Mentor Coaching for coaches looking to:

  • Meet mentor coaching requirements to complete training
  • Earn ICF and/or PAAC Certification
  • Build coaching skills
  • Begin, Build and Grow your coaching business

A lot of the things I thought I needed to work on weren’t really what I needed to work on! Or rather, they solved themselves once the deeper issues were addressed- and I trust your judgement with identifying what those are based on what you notice during our sessions. It’s been amazingly helpful to have someone working closely with me who understands my personal issues and how they relate to my ADHD. And the fact that you understand ADHD on so many levels and just GET it!


  • Personal Owner’s Manual (POM)
  • The Big 3: Sleep, Exercise and Food
  • Time Management
  • Executive Function Skills- what they are and why they matter



  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Doctor’s Offices/Lunch & Learns
  • PTA Meetings
  • Mom’s Groups