A Few Nice Words From Our Clients

When I called Patty for a consultation in early 2014, I felt an instant connection and knew she understood my son’s situation.  Once the sessions started, my son began to show improvement in so many ways.  Patty’s ability to get into my son’s brain and introduce concepts, skills and tools that he could use proves that with the right person, great strides can be made…. I firmly believe that working with Patty helped my son to open up parts of himself that were locked away.  We could not have asked for a better ADHD coach than Patty.
K.G., NC

Parent of High School Student

I have gotten more projects done that I have been putting off for awhile by using the tools I learned in this class.  I feel more organized in general.  The (Seeing My Time) class has helped me understand how my brain works and how my family member’s brains work- how they are all different and how we need to have tools and routines in place to support our brains.
K.R., NC

Parent after completing "Seeing My Time", Time Management Class

You changed my life as a parent of a child with ADHD.  This has been a phenomenal experience for me.  I have been transformed in so many ways.  I realized (through the coaching) that I needed to do as much work as my son, if not more! 

Cari N., NC

Parent of a middle school student

I vacillated between supporting my son too much or not at all.  Our conversations helped me identify when to let him fly and when to prop him up.  We learned to engage with him more in the decision-making and to trust that he knew more than we were giving him credit for.

C.N., NC

Parent of a middle school student

Patty- I know I’ve said this before, but I meant it then and mean it now- you REALLY helped me to see the obstacles in front of me and helped me to understand them and where they’re coming from, which helps me to find a way to deal.  You have helped me more than any doctor or counselor I’ve seen in the last 3 years – THANK YOU for that Patty.
L.M., NC

Adult with ADHD

I know we just hung up but I had to tell you that you REALLY helped me to be enlightened tonight!!!!!!  I am FINALLY seeing some pieces come together that explain so much. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
C.B., Chicago, IL

Entrepreneur with ADHD

A lot of the things I thought I needed to work on weren’t really what I needed to work on! Or rather, they solved themselves once the deeper issues were addressed- and I trust your judgement with identifying what those are based on what you notice during our sessions. It’s been amazingly helpful to have someone working closely with me who understands my personal issues and how they relate to my ADHD. And the fact that you understand ADHD on so many levels and just GET it!
J.H., NC

Graduate Student and Entrepreneur

You have helped me in an ineffable way!

P.W., IL